Sidewalk and Ramp Repair Programs

Curb Ramp Replacement Program

What is a Curb Ramp?

A curb ramp is the section of concrete, typically on a slope, that connects the sidewalk to the roadway and provides pedestrians a location to cross the street. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has multiple requirements for these ramps, which the City is obligated to follow. Some of these requirements include maximum slopes on the ramps and the level landings (i.e. the “top” of the ramp), as well as the need to install detectable warning surfaces (the “dots” or “domes” installed at the bottom of the ramp) that act as a cue for visually impaired pedestrians.

Accessible sidewalks enable people with disabilities to reach their desired destinations in the community and to enjoy the benefits of city services, programs, and activities. Where sidewalks are provided, public agencies are required to ensure that continuous, unobstructed sidewalks are maintained in operable working condition. This guidance is supported by a steady stream of cases interpreting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provisions.


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